SDS/PAGE/Western - anti-HSP70 Ab test CONTINUED (from yesterday)

Primary Ab (anti-HSP70) solution was saved and stored in the 4C. The membrane was washed 3x 10 mins. w/1x TBS-T. 15mL blocking solution was added to membrane and incubated at RT for 10mins. Secondary Ab (DAM HRP) was added at a 1:2500 dilution and inubated at RT for 30 mins. Secondary Ab solution was discarded and membrane was washed 3x 10 mins. w/ 1x TBS-T and then developed with Millipore Immobilon Chemiluminescent reagent.

Results: There is a small “blob” towards the upper left of the membrane that is likely HSP70, based on the expected molecular weight. That band corresponds to the control gigas gill pool sample (see yesterday’s SDS/PAGE).