SDS/PAGE, Western Blot - Test of new Western Breeze Kit & HSP70 Ab for FISH441

Ran varying amounts of Gigas Gill 24hr Control protein extract from 20080917. See table below:

**Protein (ug)** **Volume of Sample (uL)** **Water up to 15uL (uL)**
5 1.56 13.44
10 3.125 11.88
15 4.69 10.31
20 6.25 8.75
30 9.38 5.63
40 12.5 2.5
50 15.65 * * *

Volumes were adjusted to 15uL with H2O and combined with 15uL of 2X Reducing Sample Buffer in screw cap tubes. Also, 15uL of MSTN was mixed with 15uL of 2X Reducing Sample Buffer in a screw cap tube. This will serve as a positive control for the kit. Samples were boiled for 5mins. and then microfuged for 1min @ max speed @ 4C. Samples were loaded on Pierce 4-20% Tris-HEPES SDS PAGE gels and run 150V for 45mins. 10uL of SeeBlue Plus ladder and 10uL of the 12-tag positive control lysate were also loaded on the gel.

external image 20081231.JPG

Gel, membrane, and blotting paper were soaked for 15mins in transfer buffer (Pierce recipe w/methanol). Proteins were transferred to nitrocellulose membrane for 30mins @ 20V. Gel was stained for ~40mins in Coomassie stain and then destained w/10% acetic acid solution until bands were clearly visible.

After transfer, membrane was cut into two (one with the gigas samples and the other with the MSTN and the 12-tag lysate samples) and developed separately. Western blotting was done according to Invitrogen WesternBreeze Chromogenic (anti-mouse) protocol. Primary anti-HSP70 Ab was used at a 1:5000 dilution (2uL) and the primary anti-myc tag Ab (for MSTN) was used at a 1:1000 dilution (10uL). The anti-myc blot was allowed to develop for ~1min before stopping. The anti-HSP70 blot was allowed to develop for ~1.5hrs before stopping.

external image 20081231-01.JPGexternal image 20081231-02.JPG


The anti-HSP70 blot showed no bands. The anti-myc blot showed MSTN1b and positive control lysate bands. This confirms that the kit works properly.