Bleeding - Hard Clams

Bled 8 clams from 20090108 and 20090109, #4, 6, 8, 15, 16, 17, 21, 26. Bled clams using a 23g 1.5 needle on a 3mL syringe. Fluid was gathered and ranged from ~0.4-1.0mL. Hemolymph was transferred to individual 1.5mL snap cap tubes and spun @ 100g for 30mins @ 4C. Most of the supe was removed, but left ~100uL in each tube to avoid disturbing any pellet. Samples were stored @ -80C in the red box with previous hard clam hemo samples.

Pellets were apparent in all 8 samples, whereas they had not been noticeable before in last week’s bleeds.

Also, 3 clams were found with cracked shells, but alive, including the one pictured below that is split open entirely.