mRNA Isolation - Hard Clam gill and hemo RNA

mRNA was isolated according to Ambion PolyA Purist protocol. After mixing samples with resin, samples were incubated @ RT for 1hr. Samples were washed per the protocol. However, the hemo sample was not clearing from the spin columns with the protocol-directed 3 min. spins. The column had to be spun up to 15 mins. in order for the column to clear. :(

Results: The gill mRNA looks good (~1.8ug). The concentration of the hemo sample is extremely low and is below the error threshold for the NanoDrop, but it may not be that bad. The samples are in a relatively large volume (~200uL) and the yield is expected to be very small. So, I will precipitate these samples O/N @ -20C according to Ambion PolyA Purist protocol in order to concentrate them.