RNA Isolation - V.tubiashii samples from autoclaved gigas exposure (from 20081218)

RNA was isolated from the Control and V.tub+gigas samples from the 0, 1, & 24hr time points using 1mL TriReagent. No visible pellets. Used 20uL of 0.1%DEPC-H2O to resuspend RNA. Incubated @ 55C, 5mins. Spec’d.

Results: RNA looks OK, but not great. For the “V.tub + gigas t=1” sample, the third spec reading is correct. The first two had the air bubble error.

DNAse Treatment - V.tubiashii total RNA (see above)

1ug of RNA in a volume of 12uL was DNAsed using the Ambion DNA-free Kit according to their protocol. RNA was transferred to a fresh tube and stored @ -80C in Sam’s RNA Box #1.