qPCR - V.tubiashii Control vs. Autoclaved gigas samples (see below)

qPCR was performed using SensiMix/SYBR “kit” with DNAsed RNA samples and cDNA made earlier today. The plate layout/qPCR workup is here.

Results: Generally, the amplification looks a bit odd when viewing on a log scale. However, the linear scale curves look to be normal. There doesn’t appear to be any gDNA contamination in the RNA samples, BUT the Vtub_16sV2 primers used on the RNA samples also do not produce much of a signal in the cDNA either. The melting curves for the 16s and the Vtub_OmpW primer sets have multiple peaks. Will likely order new 16s primes, due to weak signal.

Will redo qPCR on the DNAsed RNA to make sure that the lack of detectable signal is due to lack of gDNA and NOT because the 16s primers don’t work. Also will repeat in order to have a replicate of the other samples.