gDNA Isolation - New Dungan isolates

gDNA was isolated from the following using the Qiagen DNEasy Kit:

xCvC-19t (3/26/2009)

xCvE-13t (3/16/2009)

xCvC-17t (3/18/2009)

UNTc-1.5t (3/18/2009)

VATm-1.2t (3/16/2009)

xCvC-11t (3/18/2009)

BC05Ca18c/H5 (3/27/2009)

xCvC-12t (3/16/2009)

500uL was of each sample was transferred to a 1.5mL snap cap tube. The samples were pelleted by spinning 5 mins @ 16,000g and washed 2x w/ 1x PBS pH=7.6. Samples were then processed according to Qiagen protocol. Initial digestion with Proteinase K was 2hrs.