PCR - New Dungan isolates

Ran PCR with GoTaq on the new Dungan isolate gDNA from yesterday. PCR set up is here. 53C annealing temp.

Lane 1 - Hyperladder

Lane 2 - 17t

Lane 4 - H5

Lane 6 - 12t

Lane 7 - Hyperladder

Lane 8 - 1.5t

Lane 10 - 1.2t

Lane 12 - 11t

lane 13 - Hyperladder

Lane 14 - 13t

Lane 16 - 19t

Lane 18 - H2O

Lane 19 - Hyperladder

Lane 20 - H2O

Results: All the bands present are a bit larger than 400bp. However, the bottom band in the H5 sample is larger than any band present in any other samples. Additionally, the largest band in the H5 sample is between 800-1000bp. Bands were cut out from H5 (two bands: Top, Bottom), 1.5t, 1.2t, 13t. These will be purified and sequenced.

It’s also interesting to note that the bands present in this gel are found in the same samples as the last time this analysis was done. See Kevin’s Notebook, 20090212.