PCR - Test QT Kit with No RT Abalone rxns from 20090408

Anneal 55C. [PCR set up is here (bottom half of sheet)(https://eagle.fish.washington.edu/Arabidopsis/Notebook%20Workup%20Files/20090414-01.jpg).

Lane 1 - Hyperladder

Lane 2 - gDNA

Lane 3 - cDNA pool

Lane 4 - No RT 06:5-31

Lane 5 - No RT 06:6-43

Lane 6 - No RT 08:3-5

Lane 7 - No RT 08:3-6

Lane 8 - No RT 08:3-7

Lane 9 - H2O

Lane 10 - H2O

Lane 11 - 100bp ladder

Results: No signal in the gDNA. Appropriate sized band in cDNA pool. Nothing in the water samples. HOWEVER, got bands in tow of the “No RT” rxns (08:3-6/7)!! It’s odd that the gDNA didn’t produce any signal, but there shouldn’t be any signal in the No RT rxns. This indicates gDNA contamination. Should have also tested RNA and DNased RNA. Will test these in order to determine if that system is better at eliminating gDNA carryover.