PCR - Two new Dungan isolates from earlier today

Set up PCRs on:



Used Euk A/B and LABY A/Y primers. Anneal temp 50C. PCR set up is here.

NOTE: Due to the extremely low concentrations of gDNA from these two samples, I used a large amount of gDNA in the rxns. Check the PCR set up link for actual numbers.

Lane 1 - Hyperladder (5uL)

Lane 2 - VNTc-1.2-C1/G10 (Euk primers)

Lane 3 - MIE-14y (Euk primers)

Lane 4 - H2O (Euk primers)

Lane 5 - H2O (Euk primers)

Lane 6 - VNTc-1.2-C1/G10 (Laby primers)

Lane 7 - MIE-14y (Laby primers)

Lane 8 - H2O (Laby primers)

Lane 9 - H2O (Laby primers)

lane 10 - 100bp Ladder

Results: Nada. Probably because of low [gDNA], but could also be due to PCR inhibitors in the gDNA. Will retry using Amplitaq and less gDNA.