qPCR - Re-DNased abalone Dg RNA from earlier today

This is a repeat of the previous qPCR from earlier today, BUT I think I might have used the wrong primers in the earlier qPCR (see below). Set up qPCR with the correct (I’m 100% sure of this) primers. Plate layout/workup is here.

Results: Well, in retrospect it looks like I DID use the correct primers earlier! However, the problem is the same. But, the melting curves in the H2O-only samples don’t seem to be the same as what is being seen in the RNA samples, suggesting that the signal in the H2O-only samples are likely primer dimers (melting curve peaks are shifted to the left and are VERY low signals; barely above background).

So, what to do now? Mac has a mad ea suggestion to spike some water with gDNA and DNase treat the sample to assess whether or not the Dase treatment is actually working or not. I think I’ll do this.