DNA Precipitation CONTINUED - Dungan MIE-14v gDNA from yesterday

Sample was pelleted by spinning in a microcentrifuge @ max speed, 4C for 30mins. Supe was removed and sample CAREFULLY washed with 1mL 70% EtOH. Sample was spun in a microcentrifuge @ max speed, 4C for 10mins. Supe was removed, sample brought up in 10uL of TE and spec’d.

Results: Nothing. Absolutely no DNA in this sample at all. It’s odd that the Qiagen Kit procedure (even without the lysozyme treatment) has worked on all the other Dungan isolates, but not this one. I wonder if the EtOH storage is having an effect on the cells; lysing them for some reason? Maybe the cells should be sent to us in culture medium instead?