PCR - Dungan isolate (MIE-14v) gDNA from 20090708

PCR of MIE-14v just to make sure that we can’t get a product from this sample, despite NanoDrop readings suggesting that there’s no DNA. Used both LABY and Euk primer sets. PCR set up is here. Anneal temp 50C.

Lane 1 - 100bp Ladder

Lane 2 - Euk

Lane 3 - Euk H2O

Lane 4 - Euk H2O

Lane 5 - Euk H2O

Lane 6 - LABY

Lane 7 - LABY H2O

Lane 8 - LABY H2O

Lane 9 - LABY H2O

Lane 10 - 100bp Ladder

Results: Nothing, as expected. Need to devise a new method of isolating gDNA from these “problem” isolates.