qPCR - Abalone cDNA (07:12 set from 3/3/2009 by Lisa) and DNased RNA (from 20090623)

This is nearly a repeat of the qPCR earlier today due to the fact that the positive control never amplified. This is being done to check whether or not there is gDNA contamination in these cDNA and DNased RNA. Will use H.crach_h-1fg_intron primers. In hopes of remedying the positive control issue, I have used three sets of gDNA and used 5uL instead of the usual 1uL for their respective reactions. qPCR plate layout/set up is here. Anneal temp 50C.

Results: No detectable amplification in any gDNA sample. However, one sample did produce a melting curve peak, while no other samples did. Still doesn’t provide me with anything useable. Will get good gDNA from Freidman Lab ASAP.