qPCR - Gigas gDNA test of recalibrated Opticon 2

Master mix containing Gigas gDNA will be used to verify that the recalibration did work. qPCR setup/plate layout is here. I’ve made a master mix using Cg_HSP70_F/R primers designed by Mac. gDNA is BB #12 (0.445ug/uL) from 20090519. The gDNA will be added to the master mix.

Results: The results are a bit disconcerting, as this run shows virtually the exact same pattern in fluorescence detection as that on 20090722, despite using a different set of gigas gDNA. Below is a set of graphs comparing Column 1 Ct values of the two tests from 20090722 and today:

Clearly, both runs exhibit virtually the same pattern of relative Ct values to each other in each respective run. Not cool.