RNA Fragmentation - Rick’s trout RBC samples prepped earlier today

EtOH Precipitaiton - Rick’s trout Ribosomoal-depleted RNA for SOLiD WTK (continued from yesterday)

Continued precipitation. Spun samples 30 mins, 16,000g, 4C. Removed supe. Added 1mL 70% EtOH. Spun samples 15mins, 16,000g, 4C. Removed supe. Resuspended in 8uL H2O. Proceeded with SOLiD WTK fragmentation.

RNA Fragmentation

Samples were fragmented according to the Whole Transcriptome Kit protocol. Samples were then cleaned up using Invitrogen’s RiboMinus Concentration Module, according to SOLiD WTK protocol. Briefly:

  • Added 1X volume of binding buffer (100uL)

  • Added 100% EtOH (250uL)

  • Eluted with 20uL of H2O.

Samples were spec’d.


Control Sample - Virtually nothing there. Hopefully it’s just too dilute for the NanoDrop, however I have a feeling this sample is bad (degraded?) 1.5uL of the sample has been transferred to a 0.5mL snap cap tube to send off for the Bioanalyzer.

Poly I:C Sample - Looks great, excellent recovery. 0.25uL of this sample was transferred to a 0.5mL snap cap tube containing 1.25uL of H2O to send off for the Bioanalyzer.

Samples were stored @ 80C until resutls from the Bioanalyzer are received.