mRNA Isolation - Herring gonad/ovary RNA (from 20091023)

RNA Precipitation

Sample was spun 16,000g, 30mins, 4C. Supe removed. Pellet washed with 1mL 70% EtOH. Spun 16,000g, 10mins, 4C. Supe removed. Pellet resuspended in 250uL of nuclease free H2O. Will proceed with mRNA isolation.

mRNA Isolation

Isolated mRNA using Ambion’s MicroPolyA Purist Kit according to protocol. Performed two rounds of isolation to decrease residual rRNA carryover that we frequently see after a single round.


Started with ~90ug of total RNA. Yield of mRNA = 3.26ug. That is a ~3.6% recovery of mRNA.