qPCR - BB & DH cDNA (from 20091223) and Emma primer sets for testing

qPCR was set up on these cDNAs using the following primers:

EW778389.p.cg.6 (“DPGN”, “Serine protease inhibitor dipetalogastin”) - This was upregulated in DH SOLiD data.

FP001672.p.cg.6 (“PGSC1”, “Peptidoglycan-recognition protein SC1a/b”) - This was upregulated in DH SOLiD data.

Included three primer sets of Emma’s (matrillin, beta tub and chaperonin). These were set up with no template and done in duplicate.

qPCR set up and plate layout can be found here.


qPCR Data File (Opticon): 20091229_133148.tad

Data workup: PROPS BB_DH Gene Expression Miner Workup

Emma’s “beta tub” primers show some weird fluorescence, however none of the primer sets show any thing in the melting curve analysis.