SOLiD ePCR - Herring fragmented cDNA library: 3LHSITK09 (from 20091209)

Processed herring fragmented cDNA library 3LHSITK09 ( according to the ABI “Templated Bead Preparation Guide” following the “full-scale” protocol. Made a 1:1000 dilution (1uL library, 999uL 1x Low TE) = 88.5pg/uL. Mixed 67.8uL of this diluted sample with 32.2uL 1x Low TE to get a final concentration of 60pg/uL (500pM, according to ABI protocol). Oil phase used was previously prepared by Jesse (Seeb lab) in mid-December 2009. This oil phase is stable for 2 months @ 4C.

ePCR was started (Rhonda will put plate in fridge for storage O/N) and the rest of the procedure will be finished tomorrow.