mRNA Precipitation for SOLiD - Perch, Lake Trout, & Herring mRNA (CONTINUED from yesterday)

mRNA was pelleted and washed according to Ambion’s MicroPolyA Purist Kit. Pellets were resuspended in 8uL nuclease-free H2O and spec’d. 0.5uL was taken from each sample, transferred to a fresh tube, diluted to ~5ng/uL and stored @ -80C for eventual Bioanalyzer analysis. mRNA samples were stored @ -80C until we receive the Ribominus Concentration Module Kit from Invitrogen (turns out we didn’t have any!) for cleaning up the RNA after fragmentation.


Overall, this mRNA doesn’t look that great. However, I did notice that all samples had (to varying degrees) particulate matter that wouldn’t dissolve. Prior to spec’ing, the particulate matter was pelleted so as to not interfere. All samples will continue to be prepped for SOLiD analysis despite poor 260/280 ratios and low yields.