Bioanalyzer Total, mRNA and post-fragmentation SOLiD Libraries - Abalone pools

0.5uL of fragmented mRNA from each library (combined with 0.5uL) was run on Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 using RNA Pico chips/reagents according to Agilent’s protocol.


Total RNA shows a single, distinct rRNA band, along with some low-molecular weight RNA (i.e. degraded) in both total RNA samples. mRNA samples exhibit the expected “smear” that spans a large range of molecular weights. Both mRNA samples also show residual rRNA bands, but their concentrations should be extremely low. Fragmented samples show the expected strong band of low-molecular weight RNA. The CE frag sample exhibits some larger banding, which is probably background signal (compare to the empty lane labelled “Sample 7”).

Will proceed with rest of library procedure for both fragmented samples.