DNase - DNasing Hard Clam RNA from yesterday

Pooled 2ug of each sample in each group (MAX, CA, MA) for a total of 6ug of RNA (3 total samples), brought volume up to 50uL and DNased using Ambion’s Turbo DNA-free following the rigorous protocol. Calcs can be seen here. Spec’d:



All samples look pretty good. Oddly, the 260/280 ratios are absolutely perfect, despite the 260/280 ratios from each individual sample being less than stellar (see yesterday’s EtOH precipiation). Also of note is that the concentrations for all three samples are extremely close, reflecting the accuracy of the NanoDrop readings of each individual sample used for the pool as well as my pipetting. :)

RNA was stored @ -80C in “Sam’s RNA Box #1.”

Recovered ~50uL from each sample which means each pool yielded ~3.85ug of RNA after DNase treatment. Will proceed with making cDNA from these three pools. In the interest of time (and the failure of our Opticon), I will not verify that these do NOT still contain gDNA (and, it’s pretty unlikely that they do).