EtOH Precipitation - Whale gDNA from 20101022

Precipitated whale gDNA in hopes of producing a sample with a higher concentration. Added 0.1 vols of 3M NaOAc (10uL), 2.5 vols of 100% EtOH (275uL), mixed thoroughly and incubated @ -20C for 1hr. DNA was pelleted by spinning sample @ 16,000g, 30mins, 4C. No visible pellet. Supe was removed, sample was washed with 1mL 75% EtOH, and pelleted by spinning @ 16,000g, 15mins, 4C. Supe was removed, sample resuspended in 10uL nuclease-free H2O and spec’d.


No DNA to speak of (spec data not shown).