gDNA Isolation

Isolated gDNA from gray whale skin, human cheek cells (my own!) and two different species of algae (species 1, species 2) using Qiagen’s DNEasy Blood & Tissue Kit according to protocol. Incubated all samples at 55C for 1hr. Eluted DNA with 50uL of Buffer AE. Spec’d samples on NanoDrop 1000.

Cheek cells were scraped from the inside of my cheek with a sterile toothpick. The toothpick was transferred to a 1.5mL snap cap tube containing the appropriate buffer. The tube was vortexed to help dislodge cells from the toothpick. The toothpick was then removed and the sample treated according to protocol.

1mL of algae cells were collected from each liquid culture, cells were pelleted by spinning 16,000g for 1min @ RT, supe removed, 180uL of Buffer ATL added and then vortexed to dislodge/break up pellet. Sample was treated according to protocol.


Well, no detectable quantities of DNA in 3 of the 4 samples. There appears to be something in the gray whale skin gDNA extraction, however the OD260/280 ratio is just crazy, leading me to believe that there’s not really any usable DNA present. Will give gray whale gDNA sample to Caroline for class and will talk with Steven and Caroline concerning their interest in performing another quick extraction on more algae to use for class this afternoon.