qPCR - Check DNased RNA BB01 & 09 (from earlier today)

Ran qPCR on DNased RNA from earlier today to verify that it was free of contaminating gDNA. Used C.gigas 18s primers (SR IDs: 156, 157). 0.5uL (50ng) of DNased RNA was used for testing. This corresponds, roughly, to the amount of sample that would be carried through to qPCR analysis of cDNA, assuming 1ug of RNA was used to make the cDNA (cDNA = 1000ng RNA/25uL = 40ng/uL, 1uL of cDNA in 25uL qPCR reaction). Positive control sample was ~25ng BB16 gDNA (from 20090519). Master mix calcs are here. Plate layout, cycling params, etc can be found in the qPCR Report (see Results). RNA was stored @ -80C in “Sam’s -80C Box”.


[ qPCR Report (PDF)(https://eagle.fish.washington.edu/Arabidopsis/qPCR/Roberts%20Lab_2011-02-17%2011-30-30_CC009827.pdf).

[ qPCR Data file (CFX96)(https://eagle.fish.washington.edu/Arabidopsis/qPCR/Roberts%20Lab_2011-02-17%2011-30-30_CC009827.pcrd).

There is residual gDNA in the BB01 sample. Will EtOH precipitate and treat again.

DNased BB09 was stored @ -80C in “Mac’s Gigas DNased RNA Box #1” (on the top shelf) with the rest of the PROPS DNased RNA.