5’/3’ RACE PCRs - COX2 Sequence on 5’ & 3’ RACE Libraries (from 20080619)

Ran PCRs on both the 5’ & 3’ RACE libraries created 20080619 with a new COX2 gene-specifc (GSP) primer designed by Steven (CgPGSRACEsrGSP1; SR ID: 1208). Although this primer was designed to obtain additional 5’ sequence, it was used with both 5’ and 3’ libraries as a precaution in case it accidentally designed on the wrong strand. PCR rxn was set up according to the Clontech SMARTer RACE cDNA Amplification Kit. Master mix calcs are here. PCR cycling followed “Program 1” from the Clontech manual for 25 cycles.

After PCR completion, 5uL were transferred to a clean tube and saved, in case this PCR didn’t work and a nested PCR would need to be performed. This is according to the Clontech protocol. Samples were run on a 1.2% agarose gel, as instructed in the Clontech manual.


No bands of any kind in any sample, including the negative controls (gel not shown). Will perform nested PCR on both libraries in hopes of getting bands.