PCR - Full-length PGS2 cDNA

Repeated PCR from 20110825 to attempt to amplify the full-length cDNA for PGS2 (COX2), however this time using a more robust polymerase (Amplitaq Gold) in hopes of getting results. Additionally, tried 3 different Mg2+ concentrations (1.5mM, 2.0mM, and 3.0mM). Master mix calcs and cycling params are here. cDNA was pooled cDNA made 20110311 from various tissues. PGS2 primers = 1376, 1375.

PGS2 expected size = ~2500bp



Loading order doesn’t matter, as there are no bands. Ladder is Hyperladder I (Bioline). Will continue current sequence analysis and potentially design a new set of primers…