qPCR - Repeat of qPCR from Earlier Today

Repeated exactly what was done earlier today due to apparent contamination in negative controls.


qPCR Date File (CFX96)

qPCR Report (PDF)


Essentially the same results as the previous run. No template controls do amplify, but EXTREMELY weak and late. Melt curve analysis shows that the signals for the no template controls don’t cross the threshold set by the software.

However, I just looked back at the qPCR results from 20120208 where I used these V. tubiashii 16s primers and realized I got the same results from the cDNA (double-peaks in melt curves and amplification in the no template controls)!! So, I suspect that this primer set isn’t that useful. Will have to examine other sets of V. tubiashii 16s primers to use. Will discuss with Steven.