qPCR - Manila Clam Larvae cDNA (from August 2012 - Dave’s Notebook)

Ran qPCR on manila clam larvae cDNA that Dave made on 8/7/2012, using the sample sets from 7/29/2011 and 8/5/2011 of the OA manila clam experiment he ran.

Primers used:

Rp_Calmodulin_F/R2 (SR IDs: 1449, 1467)

Rp_Crumbs_F/R (SR IDs: 1477, 1476)

Primers were verified to be in good working order by Dave on 4/1/2012 (see Dave’s notebook).

Master mix calcs are here. Cycling params can be found in the qPCR Data File (see Results). Plate layout and PCR Miner analysis can be found in the qPCR Raw Data file (see Results). All samples run in duplicate.


qPCR Data File(Opticon 2) http://eagle.fish.washington.edu/Arabidopsis/qPCR/Opticon/Sam_20121108_161738.tad

qPCR Raw Data and PCR Miner Analysis (Excel) http://eagle.fish.washington.edu/Arabidopsis/qPCR/Opticon/Sam_20121108_161738.xlsx

Reps look pretty good, although the 4C2 8.5.11 sample has consistently bad reps across all of today’s runs. Data will be shared with Steven for comparison to Dave’s Illumina data. All data was normalized to EF1a expression from later today.