Gylcogen and Carboyhydrate Assays - Emma’s C.gigas Whole Body Samples

Samples were previously freeze dried overnight and stored @ -20C. To maximize sample homogeneity and, thus, increase accuracy of both assays, all samples were mechanically pulverized in their existing tubes. Approximately half of each sample was weighed and used for the glycogen assay. The remainder of each sample was stored @ -20C.

Glycogen Assay:

Samples were placed in 3mL of 15% trichloracetic acid (TCA), vortexed and incubated for 1hr @ 4C.

Samples were spun 10mins, 3,000g, at 4C (in bucket rotor).

500uL of supernatant was transferred to 4mL of 100% EtOH, vortexed and incubated O/N @ 4C.

Will continue processing tomorrow.

Data spreadsheet is here: 20131125 - Oyster Glycogen Assay