DNA Isolation - Geoduck

Isolated gDNA from 6 geoduck siphon samples provided by Brent using the Qiagen DNeasy Spin Kit. Samples were as follows:

  • Langley 006

  • Langley 007

  • Langley 008

  • Langley 009

  • Geoduck 01

  • Geoduck 02

The Langley samples were fixed in ethanol in 2006. Geoduck 01/02 were fresh geoduck siphon samples, taken from two live, juvenile geoduck (the rest of the bodies were frozen at -80C).

The samples were processed according to the Qiagen protocol (but utilized an overnight incubation at 56C with Proteinase K), eluted in 100uL of Buffer AE and spec’d on a NanoDrop1000.


The person who needs these samples (Axa) needs at least 25ug of DNA. The two fresh samples (Geoduck 01 and Geoduck 02) yielded more than sufficient quantities of DNA. The Langley (i.e. ethanol-fixed) samples did not yield sufficient DNA and I will need to isolate additional DNA from these samples.