DNA Quality Check - Yanouk’s Oyster gDNA

We’ve had some Illumina sequencing issues with Yanouk’s samples, so I ran the samples out on a 0.8% agarose gel to evaluate the levels of degradation. Loaded 2uL of each sample. Did not load equal quantities of gDNA, due to the lack of available gDNA in the samples we submitted for Illumina sequencing. Added 2uL of H2O to samples 37 & 38 in hopes of having sufficient DNA for visualization on the gel.

See Sam’s Notebook 20131004 for sample concentrations.


First lane is Hyperladder II (Bioline). Highest molecular weight of the ladder is 2kb.

Sample numbers are listed above each lane.

All samples show a significant amount of smearing, but all still have an identifiable high molecular weight band. Will show to Steven and discuss options for re-sequencing.