DNA Isolation - Mackenzie’s C.gigas Gonad Sample

Mac’s been having some difficulty getting good quality gDNA from some of her gonad samples, so she asked me to give it a shot.

Isolated DNA from 10mg (0.010g) of C.gigas gonad tissue using the Qiagen Blood & Tissue DNeasy Kit, with the following changes:

  1. Incubated sample in Buffer ATL + Proteinase K @ 56C for 3hrs

  2. Eluted sample in 100uL of Buffer AE.

Spec’d on NanoDrop1000.


DNA looks good, both 260/280 ratio and yield. The 260/230 ratio isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than what Mac was seeing. After showing her this, she’s decided to have me isolate DNA from the rest of her samples.