RNA Isolation - Sea Star Coelomocytes (from Colleen)

Isolated RNA from two samples stored in RNAlater that had either no visible pellet or a minutely visible pellet:

  • Control P26

  • Filt. Inj. P8

Samples were spun 5000g, 20mins @ RT. Supe was removed, being sure to leave behind any debris that failed to pellet. Samples were homogenized in 1mL of TriReagent by pipetting/vortexing. RNA was then isolated using the Direct-zol RNA Miniprep Kit (ZymoResearch). RNA was eluted from the column with 25uL of 0.1%DEPC-treated H2O and spec’d on a NanoDrop1000.


RNA quality looks very good, as do the yields. I’m very surprised I got anything close to 1ug out of either sample!

However, it should be noted that neither of these samples has been DNased and, as such, the yields seen above may potentially include residual gDNA carryover which would artificially inflate the yields seen above. Will DNase the samples to see how yields are affected (if at all).