Ethanol Precipitation - Colleen’s Sea Star Coelomycete RNA from Yesterday

Performed an EtOH precipitation on the sea start RNA due to some residual column resin (?) in the tubes after elution.

Added 0.1 volumes of 3M sodium acetate (pH=5.2; 10uL), 1uL glycogen (Ambion stock 5mg/mL), 2.5 volumes of ice cold 100% EtOH (275uL). Vortexed and incubated O/N at -20C.

Pelleted RNA 16,000g, 30mins @ 4C.

Discarded supe.

Washed pellet 70% EtOH.

Pelleted RNA 16,000g, 15mins @ 4C.

Repeated wash and spin.

Removed supe, resuspended RNA in 50uL of 0.1%DEPC-treated H2O and spec’d on NanoDrop1000.

Samples were stored in Shellfish RNA Box #5.


Well, overall, the RNA looks immensely better than yesterday. However, as expected, there has been some slight loss with all the additional manipulations. As such, yields are low (although, they were initially low, too). However, I think most of the samples will be usable, albeit bordering on the minimum amount of total RNA needed (200ng) at the Cornell sequencing facility…