RNA Isolation - Colleen Sea Star (Pycnopodia) Coelomycete Sample

Apparently the Bio26 sample provided on 20140428 was incorrect. Instead, the sample should have been CF26.

Samples were initially flash frozen and then stored @ -80C (no preservatives used). No visible cells/tissue in all samples, except Bio 26. Samples were homogenized in 1mL TriReagent. Used the Direct-zol RNA MiniPrep Kit (ZymoResearch) according to the manufacturer’s protocol (including on-column DNase I procedure) for the remainder of the isolation. Eluted with 50uL of 0.1%DEPC-treated H2O and spec’d on NanoDrop1000.

Samples were stored in Shellfish RNA Box #5.


Yield and quality look great. Will pass info on to Steven and Colleen for decision on which samples to sequence.

UPDATE 20140514 - Sample sent to Cornell for Illumina RNA-seq on 20140514