PCR - Mac’s Bisulfite-Treated DNA

Realized that the PCR performed on 20140828 used the incorrect forward primer! As such, am repeating as before, but with the correct forward primer:

CgBS_733_26796F (SRID: 1597)

NOTE: Nothing left of sample EV2.28 bisulfite, so this was not run.


Ladder - O’GeneRuler 100bp Ladder (ThermoFisher)

Samples are loaded in numerical order from left to right, with a NTC sample before the second ladder.

All samples ran at ~275bp, which is larger than the previous gels. Confirmed with Mac that this gel looks correct. Will contact Cassie at Fred Hutchinson to go forward with PyroMark sequencing of these products.

Evidently, it would seem that Mac (and I) used the incorrect primer set when performing this PCR most recently. Doh!