DNA Isolation - C.gigas Larvae from Katie Latterhos and Emma

Isolated gDNA from two C.gigas larvae samples (stored in RNA Later) from Katie Latterhos:

B4 400 D05

B6 400 D03

and two samples from Emma:



Emma’s samples were in her -80C box (in rack #2): C.gigas larvae - NOAA O.A. September 2010 Emma

Note: No visible larvae present in either of Katie Latterhos samples. Easily visible larvae in each of Emma’s samples.

DNA was isolated using the Quick-gDNA MicroPrep Kit (ZymoResearch) according to the manufacturer’s protocol for Cell Suspensions and Proteinase K Digested Samples.

Samples were eluted with 10uL of elution buffer and spec’d on a NanoDrop1000 (ThermoFisher). The 2uL used for each sample were recovered from the NanoDrop.


Not surprisingly, the samples from Katie Latterhos yielded, essentially, no gDNA. Will discuss with Steven.

UPDATE 20141030

Steven sent me this screen cap of Emma’s notebook so we could track where the samples originated from