Ligation - Illumina P1 Adapters for Oly Oyster gDNA-01 RAD Sequencing (from 20141031)

Made 25nM working stock from the 100nM stock adapter plate provided by Carita. Added 2uL of each adapter to corresponding well of SbfI digested DNA (e.g. DNA plate well A1 got the P1 adapter from well A1 in the adapter plate).

Created master mix of the ligation components and added 3uL to each well of SbfI-digested Oly gDNA.

Master mix calcs are here: 20141105 - Oly Oyster gDNA-01 Adapter Ligation

Incubated @20C for 60mins. Deactivated ligase @65C for 30mins. Stored @ 4C.

Adapter plate layout and sequences can be found here: 96_SbfI_RAD_adapter_sequences