EtOH Precipitation - LSU C.virginica Oil Spill MBD Continued (from 20141126)

Precipitation was continued according to the MethylMiner Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit (Invitrogen). Since I will need sample volumes of 24uL for the subsequent bisulfite conversion, I resuspended the samples in 29uL of water (will use 2.5uL x 2 reps for quantification).

Samples to be quantified:

NC = non-captured (i.e. non-methylated)

E = eluted (i.e. methylated)

  • HB2 NC

  • HB5 NC

  • HB16 NC

  • HB30 NC

  • NB3 NC

  • NB6 NC

  • NB11 NC

  • NB21 NC

  • HB2 E

  • HB5 E

  • HB16 E

  • HB30 E

  • NB3 E

  • NB6 E

  • NB11 E

  • NB21 E

  • Control NC

  • Control E

Samples were quantified using the Quant-IT BS Kit (Invitrogen) with a plate reader (BioTek). All samples were run in duplicate. Used 2.5uL of each sample for quantification.

Samples were stored in @ -20C (FTR 209) in the bisulfite seq box created by Claire for this project.