DNA Bisulfite Conversion - C.gigas larvae OA Sheared DNA

After discussing with Steven, decided to use only samples from 20110513, due to high algae amounts present in the 20110519 samples.

Pooled the DNA of the 400ppm samples (6B2 & 6B5) and pooled the DNA of the 1000ppm samples(1B1 & 1B2) , for a total of two samples. 50ng of each sample was used to make the pools, for a toal of 100ng of DNA in each pool. Calculations are below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e7EF05akWeBtO7Xz0UWXhIzRlkVU5HA_rjCE3c4SPEw/edit?usp=sharing


Each pooled sample was brought up to a final volume of 24μL for use in bisulfite conversion kit.

Performed bisulfite conversion of sheared DNA from 20150113 using the Methylamp DNA Modification Kit (Epigentek) according the manufacturer’s protocol.

Samples were eluted with 10μL of Buffer R6 and stored @ -20C.