Bisuflite NGS Library Prep - C.gigas larvae OA bisulfite DNA (continued from yesterday)

Continued Illumina library prep of bisulfite-treated DNA samples (400ppm and 1000ppm; from [20150114)(2015/01/14/dna-bisulfite-conversion-c-gigas-larvae-oa-sheared-dna.html)  with Methylamp DNA Modification Kit (Epigentek). Performed bead clean up immediately after End Repair.

PCR cycles: 14

No other changes were made to the manufacturer’s protocol.

Epigentek Barcode Indices assigned, per their recommendations for using two libraries for multiplexing:

400ppm - barcode #6 - GCCAAT

1000ppm - barcode #12 - CTTGTA

The two libraries were stored @ -20C and will be quantified tomorrow.