DNase Treatment - O.lurida Ctenidia 1hr Post-Mechanical Stress RNA

Quantified the RNA I isolated from Jake’s samples on 20150715 and 20150710 using the Roberts Lab NanoDrop1000 (ThermoFisher).




Overall, the yields are good. The 260/280 ratios are mediocre. Will proceed with DNase treatment.

DNased 1.5ug of RNA from each sample using the Turbo DNA-free Kit (Ambion/Life Technologies), following the “rigorous” protocol.


  • 50μL reactions were carried out in 0.5mL tubes

  • added 1μL of DNase to each tube

  • incubated 30mins @ 37C

  • added additional 1μL of DNased

  • incubated 30mins @ 37C

  • added 0.2 vols (10.2μL) of DNase Inactivation Reagent

  • incubated and mixed for 2mins @ RT

  • spun 1.5mins, 10,000g @ RT

  • transferred 50μL of supe to sterile 1.5mL snap cap tubes

  • spec’d on Roberts Lab NanoDrop1000

Samples were stored @ -80C in Shellfish RNA Box #6. Will quantify at a later date.

DNase reaction calcs: 20150727_Jake_Oly_mech_stress_DNase_calcs