Goals - August 2015

Review of last month’s goals:

O.lurida RNA Isolation & Reverse Transcription -

RNA has been isolated and DNased from Jake’s mechanically stressed samples.

Miscellany -

Improved organization of -80C, added frequently used protocols to the Roberts Lab GitHub Wiki, connected BGI rep with purchasing to get the PO situation figured out for Olympia oyster and geoduck genome sequencing, sent samples to BGI for Olympia oyster genome-by-sequencing (GBS).

 O.lurida Reverse Transcription

Need to quantify the DNased RNA from Jake’s mechanically stressed oysters and then verify that the DNase treatment worked. Will then proceed with reverse transcription.


Continue work on -80C organization, continue creating “readme” files for folders on our server(s), continue migration from Wikispaces to GitHub, attempt to combine our PrimerDatabase and our Primer Stocks spreadsheets into a single document (and create a SQL database from that), fix the shortfalls from our EH&S lab inspection.