Ethanol Precipitation - Olympia oyster MBD

Precipitated the MBD enriched DNA from yesterday according to the MethylMiner Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit (Invitrogen) protocol.

However, since the protocol has two elution steps that are each saved separately from each other for each sample, I did the following to combine the two elution fractions into a single sample:

  • Pelleted one elution fraction from each sample

  • Discarded supernatant from pelleted sample

  • Transferred second elution fraction to the pellet from the first elution fraction

  • Pelleted second elution fraction

The rest of the ethanol precipitation procedure was followed per the manufacturer’s protocol.

Final pellets were resuspended in 25μL of Buffer EB (Qiagen) and stored @ 4C.

MBD enriched DNA will be quantified tomorrow.