Samples Received - C.gigas Tissue & DNA from Katie Lotterhos

Received 6 samples from Katie today. The box was labeled and stored @ -20C.

Here description of the samples, via email:

Lotterhos samples (gigas) arriving tomorrow 1) Mantle tissue samples of C. gigas were collected on 20140705 (source: Pipestem Inlet) by KEL 2) Extraction on 20141028 by VG using Qiagen DNAeasy Blood and Tissue Kit 3) Beadwash on 20150720 by VG using homemade sera-mag speed beads 4) Qubit 3.0 quantification on 20151206 by KEL and the following amounts were sent: M1: 13 uL of 386 ug/mL M2: 13.8 uL of 326 ug/mL M3: 13.15 uL of 380 ug/mL (solution looked cloudy)