Bisulfite Treatment - Oly Reciprocal Transplant DNA & C.gigas Lotterhos DNA for BS-seq

After confirming that the DNA available for this project looked good, I performed bisulfite treatment on the following gDNA samples:

  • 1NF11

  • 1NF15

  • 1NF16

  • 1NF17

  • 2NF5

  • 2NF6

  • 2NF7

  • 2NF8

  • NF2_6

  • NF2_18

  • M2

  • M3

Sample names breakdown like this:


1 = Fidalgo Bay outplants

NF = Fidalgo Bay broodstock origination

= Sample number


Same as above, but:

2 = Oyster Bay outplants

NF2_# (Oysters grown in Oyster Bay; DNA provided by Katherine Silliman)

NF2 = Fidalgo Bay broodstock origination, family #2

= Sample number

M2/M3 = C.gigas from Katie Lotterhos

Followed the guidelines of the [TruSeq DNA Methylation Library Prep Guide (Illumina)(

Used the [EZ DNA Methylation-Gold Kit (ZymoResearch)( according to the manufacturer’s protocol with the following changes/notes:

  • Used 100ng DNA (per Illumina recs; Zymo recommends at least 200ng for “optimal results”).

  • Thermal cycling was performed in 0.5mL thin-wall tubes in a PTC-200 (MJ Research) using a heated lid

  • Centrifugations were performed at 13,000g

  • Desulphonation incubation for 20mins.

DNA quantity calculations are here (Google Sheet): 20151218_oly_bisulfite_calcs

Samples were stored @ -20C. Will check samples via Bioanalyzer before proceeding to library construction.