Computer Setup - Cluster Node003 Conversion

Here’s an overview of some of the struggles getting node003 converted/upgraded to function as an independent computer (as opposed to a slave node in the Apple computer cluster).

  • 6TB HDD

  • Only 2.2TB recognized when connected to Hummingbird via Firewire - internet suggests that is max for Xserve; USB might recognize full drive) - Hummingbird is a converted Xserve running Mavericks

  • Reformatted on different Mac and full drive size recognized

  • Connected to Hummingbird (via USB) and full 6TB recognized

  • Connected to Mac Mini to install OS X

  • Tried installing OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) via CMD+r at boot, but failed partway through installation

  • Tried and couldn’t reformat drive through CMD+r at boot with Disk Utility

  • Broken partition tables identified on Linux, used GParted to establish partition table, back to Mac Mini and OS X (Mountain Lion) install worked

  • Upgraded to OS X 10.11.5 (El Capitan)

  • Inserted drive to Mac cluster node003 - wouldn’t boot all the way - Apple icon, progress bar > Do Not Enter symbol

  • Removed drive, put original back in, connected 6TB HDD via USB, but booting from USB not an option (when booting and holding Option key)

  • Probably due to node003 being part of cluster - reformatted original node003 drive with clean install of OS X Server.

  • Booting from USB now an option and worked with 6TB HDD!

  • Put 6TB HDD w/El Capitan in internal sled and won’t boot! Apple icon, progress bar > Do Not Enter symbol

  • Installed OS X 10.11.5 (El Capitan) on old 1TB drive and inserted into node003 - worked perfectly!

  • Will just use 1TB boot drive and figure out another use for 6TB HDD

  • Renamed node003 to roadrunner

  • Current plan is to upgrade from 12GB to 48GB of RAM and then automate moving data off this drive to long-term storage on Owl (Synology server).