Goals - November 2016

Well, I’m serious this time. My goal for this month is to complete the Oly GBS data analysis and, get the data sets and data analysis prepared/placed in satisfactory repositories in preparation for publication in Scientific Data.

Additionally, I feel like I need to better document what I spend (waste?) my time on. For example, last month, I certainly got sidetracked trying to help/troubleshoot working with Docker. Here are just some of the issues that were encountered:

Despite having that list, I really should have notebook entries for each day I’m in lab, even if my day is spent struggling to get software installed and I don’t have any “product” for the day. Having the documentation of what I tried, what worked/didn’t work, will be helpful for future troubleshooting, and will provide some evidence that I actually did stuff.

So, I guess that’s a second goal for the month: Improve notebook documentation for days when I don’t generate a “product.”