Sample Submission - Geoduck Tissue & gDNA for Illumina Pilot Sequencing Project

Sent the following samples to Illumina for possible selection in a new pilot sequencing platform they’re working on.

The 12 samples will be used for RNAseq for genome annotation - numbers indicate desired sequencing priority.

Juvenile and larval samples were from Hollie Putnam (see links below for more info).

Other tissue was from a single, adult geoduck, collected by Brent & Steven on 20150811.

  1. Gonad

  2. Heart

  3. Ctenidia

  4. Juvenile OA exposure (super low)  (EPI_115, EPI_116)

  5. Juvenile ambient exposure (ambient treatment) (EPI_123, EPI_124)

  6. Larvae day 0 (EPI_74, EPI_75)

  7. Larvae day 5 (EPI_99)

  8. Crystalline style

  9. Byssus gland

  10. Mantle

  11. Labial palps

  12. Juvenile OA exposure - low treatment (EPI_107, EPI_108)

In addition to the above 12 samples, ~1.5μg of geoduck gDNA (isolated this morning) was sent.